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caesar wongchuking BA farms president

Nature is God’s greatest gift to Mankind. More than two decades ago, I invested in a farm land in Barangay Daine I, Indang, Cavite. It was an investment made purely on love for what I saw – pristine greens, a free flowing mountain spring and a magnificent view of the Indang mountains.

After 20 years, BA Farms, Inc. has developed into a fully-integrated farm with its Mahogany plantation as the backbone in its farm operations. Now, BA Farms has entered into organic and nutrient farming of a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, root crops and livestock.

One of our greatest achievements is the inclusivity of providing livelihood for the local residents of the barangay. At the same time, we seek to promote our country’s bustling local vegetable and fruit industry through our sustainable farming operations. 

We thank the people of Barangay Daine and the BA Farms family who have provided their unwavering support for us in the past two decades that has helped the farm to evolve to what it has become today.

Caesar Wongchuking

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BA Farms, Inc. is a fully-integrated farm based in Indang, Cavite, Philippines 4120

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