Our greenhouses are up and running!

ba farms greenhouse

Our current BA Farms Greenhouse system provides an ideal environment for us to grow particular vegetables year round without using any artificial methods. It allows us to provide a regulated environment adapted to the needs of particular crops such us lettuce and pak choi by protecting them from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests. […]

Lettuce be healthy!

cutting lettuce at ba farms

While we’re here, lettuce (*wink wink*) get to know more about our favorite leafy green! Whether we’re out for a salad or want to add something crispy and healthy to our sandwich, the lettuce is surely one of the most versatile greens we can buy. Lettuce (Lactuva Sativa) was first cultivated in Ancient Egypt. There […]

In focus: Guimaras Mangoes and Davao Pomelos

Faithful to one of our our missions which is to ensure that a wide variety of quality fruits is accessible to all Filipinos, BA Farms partnered with two reputable suppliers of mangoes in Guimaras, NMJ Farm Fresh, and pomelos in Davao, Nenita Farms. NMJ Farm Fresh farmers cross rivers within Guimaras island to reach the […]