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In focus: Guimaras Mangoes and Davao Pomelos

Faithful to one of our our missions which is to ensure that a wide variety of quality fruits is accessible to all Filipinos, BA Farms partnered with two reputable suppliers of mangoes in Guimaras, NMJ Farm Fresh, and pomelos in Davao, Nenita Farms.

NMJ Farm Fresh farmers cross rivers within Guimaras island to reach the plantation of century-old mango trees. These farmers individually wrap each mango fruit in the trees to protect it from fruit insects. Upon maturity, the mangoes are then meticulously harvested. After harvest, the mangoes undergo hot water treatment to protect them from stem end rot and fungal disease. They are then dried, packed, and prepared for shipping. Moreover, each mango goes through the Brix Test wherein the sweetness level of the fruit is tested. Only the fruits that pass the Brix Test are allowed to leave the island. This is to ensure that each Guimaras Mango that you will taste will have its distinct taste and sweetness that you cannot find anywhere else.  This is the wonder of Guimaras mangoes – absolutely sweet and with quality at its fullest!

On the other hand, Nenita Pomelos are well-known for being plump, juicy, and sweet.  Pomelos supplied to BA Farms undergo rigid and meticulous preparation that not only ensures fresh and healthy pomelos but are also safe and hygienic.

Guimaras Mangoes

Sweet, golden, and delectable, mango or “mangga is the national fruit of the Philippines. Blessed to have lands and climate that favor the cultivation of mangoes, the Philippine mango industry comprises small to large farms located in different parts of the country.

There are three well-known mango varieties in the Philippines- Carabao, Pico, or Kamchamita/Indian. The Carabao Mango, also known as the “Philippine Mango”, is the most cultivated and exported variety because of its sweet taste.  In 1995, it was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “sweetest fruit in the world”.

Though mango trees are seen in almost every backyard in the Philippines, the most famous variety in the country is the one from Guimaras.  Guimaras is known for its annual Manggahan festival. This festival is a month-long celebration of the rich culture of Guimaras as well as thanksgiving for having bestowed a rich land for growing the “best mango in the world”.

Davao Pomelos

Anyone who has been to Davao Airport would not miss sightings of people traveling back to their hometowns carrying boxes of fruits from Davao.  Most of the time, these boxes contain one of the fruits that Davao is famous for – pomelo or “suha”.

Visitors from Davao do not mind carrying heavy boxes of pomelos to bring home as pasalubong to their families and loved ones as Davao pomelos are truly a feast to the taste buds as they are crisp, juicy, and sweet. 

This fruit’s juicy pulps are usually eaten fresh right after removing the skin or sometimes dipped in salt or dark vinegar. Being the biggest citrus in the world, this fruit is definitely rich in vitamin C.  Thus, it is often mixed in salads or squeezed as juice. 

Being highly nutritious, it a tasty way to boost the immune system, aid digestion, promote weight loss, and many more!

By partnering with NMJ Farm Fresh and Nenita Pomelos, BA Farms make it possible for Manilenos to taste the famous Guimaras mangoes and Davao pomelos without a hitch.

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